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Version: 0.68.10

Getting Started

This section will go through the most common Kurtosis CLI commands and some useful tips on getting started. If you have not already done so, the CLI can be installed by following the instructions here.


The kurtosis command, and all of its subcommands, will print helptext when passed the -h or --help flag. You can use this at any time to see information on the command you're trying to run. For example:

kurtosis service -h

Kurtosis supports tab-completion, and we strongly recommend installing it for the best experience!

Toggle Analytics

On installation Kurtosis enables anonymized analytics by default. You can toggle this functionality simply by running:

kurtosis analytics enable

to enable the sending of anonymized metrics to improve the product, or:

kurtosis analytics disable

if you would prefer not to.

Configuration file path

To locate where the Kurtosis configuration file is on your machine, simply use:

kurtosis config path

to print out the file path of the kurtosis-config.yml file.

Get the CLI version

The CLI version can be printed with the following:

kurtosis version