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API Container

The container that runs inside of each enclave. Receives Starlark via API and manipulates the enclave according to the instructions in Starlark.


A command line interface, installed by your favorite package manager, which wraps the Kurosis Go SDK to allow you to manipulate the contents of Kurtosis.


An environment, isolated from other enclaves, in which distributed systems are launched and manipulated.


The Kurtosis engine which receives instructions via API (e.g. "launch this service in this enclave", "create a new enclave", "destroy this enclave", etc.).


A URL-like string for referencing resources. Also see the extended documentation.


A directory containing a kurtosis.yml file and any additional modules and static files that the package needs. Also see the extended documentation.


A minimal, Python-like language invented at Google for configuring their build tool, Bazel.

User Service

A container, launched inside an enclave upon a request to the Kurtosis engine, that is started from whatever image the user pleases.