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Version: 0.77.1


Kurtosis packages can be parameterized with arguments. Arguments can be passed in via the CLI when running the package.

To make your package take in arguments, first change your run function from:

def run(plan):


def run(plan, args)

Then pass JSON-serialized arg values to kurtosis run in the CLI. For example:

kurtosis run '{"some_parameter":"some_value","some_other_param":5}'

Kurtosis will automatically JSON-deserialize the JSON string, and then pass it in to the run function in Starlark.

The JSON passed in via the command line will be deserialized to a dictionary in Starlark (not a struct). So to access the args above, your might look like:

def run(plan, args):
plan.print("some_parameter value: " + args["some_parameter"])
plan.print("some_other_param value: " + args["some_other_param"])