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Version: 0.83.5


The PostHttpRequestRecipe can be used to make POST requests to an endpoint.

post_request_recipe = PostHttpRequestRecipe(
# The port ID that is the server port for the request
port_id = "my_port",

# The endpoint for the request
endpoint = "/endpoint",

# The content type header of the request (e.g. application/json, text/plain, etc)
# OPTIONAL (DEFAULT:"application/json")
content_type = "application/json",

# The body of the request
body = "{\"data\": \"this is sample body for POST\"}",

# The extract dictionary takes in key-value pairs where:
# Key is a way you refer to the extraction later on
# Value is a 'jq' string that contains logic to extract from response body
# # To lean more about jq, please visit
extract = {
"extractfield" : "",

Make sure that the endpoint returns valid JSON response for both POST and GET requests.