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Install Kurtosis

The instructions in this guide will walk you through installing the latest version of Kurtosis.

I. Install & Start Docker

  1. If you don't already have Docker installed, follow the instructions here to install the Docker application specific to your machine (e.g. Apple Intel, Apple M1, etc.).
  2. Start the Docker daemon (e.g. open Docker Desktop)
  3. Verify that Docker is running:
    docker image ls

II. Install the CLI

brew install kurtosis-tech/tap/kurtosis-cli

Homebrew might warn you that your Xcode is outdated or missing entirely. This is a Homebrew requirement, and has nothing to do with Kurtosis (which ships as prebuilt binaries).

To install or update your Xcode, run:

xcode-select --install

III. (Optional) Add command-line completion

Kurtosis supports optional command-line completion to allow completing subcommands and dynamic values (e.g. enclave name during enclave inspect). If you'd like to install it, see these instructions.

Run the quickstart

If you're new to Kurtosis, you might like the quickstart as a good onboarding to get started with Kurtosis.