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What's New In Kurtosis

For detailed information about the changes in each release, see the changelog.


Enclave Builder UI

You can now build enclaves without writing code using the enclave builder UI:


The UI will automatically generate Starlark for you, which can be viewed with the "Preview" button.

To enable the enclave builder UI, go to the "About" icon in the bottom-left corner of the Kurtosis app and select "Enable experimental enclave builder interface". You'll then see an "Enclave Builder" button in the Enclave List screen.

Kurtosis Github Action

You can now run Kurtosis inside your GH Actions CI using our prebuilt Action.

- name: Kurtosis Tests
uses: kurtosis-tech/kurtosis-github-action@v1
path: '' # Can also be the path to a
# Kurtosis package in the repo
# For example:
# './path/to/kurtosis-package'
args: './test-args.yaml'

This can be useful for integration & end-to-end tests, and can be paired with ImageBuildSpec so that Kurtosis will both build the image and instantiate the environment.

Human-friendly plan steps

The default way kurtosis run describes plan steps is now human-friendly:


You can return to the previous way by adding --verbosity brief to your kurtosis run flags.

Bugs & Feedback

You can now submit bugs from the Kurtosis app itself using the button in the bottom-left:


We're very interested in your feedback about the above features, so let us know what you think!