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Running Docker Compose setup with Kurtosis

This guide assumes that you have Kurtosis installed and a project with a docker-compose.yml, compose.yml, docker_compose.yml or .yaml equivalents.

Experimental Feature

This is an experimental feature still under development and some Docker Compose setups are not yet supported. See below for list of features not yet supported in Kurtosis. If you'd like support for your Docker Compose setup, let us know on Github!

1. Setup Docker Compose project

Navigate to the root of your project with a docker-compose.yml or if the project is hosted on Github, grab the Github link where the Docker Compose exists. For this guide, we'll go off of the nextcloud-redis-mariadb compose in the awesome-compose repo.

image: nextcloud:apache
restart: always
- 80:80
- nc_data:/var/www/html
- redisnet
- dbnet
- REDIS_HOST=redis
- MYSQL_DATABASE=nextcloud
- MYSQL_USER=nextcloud
- MYSQL_PASSWORD=nextcloud
image: redis:alpine
restart: always
- redisnet
- 6379
image: mariadb:10.5
command: --transaction-isolation=READ-COMMITTED --binlog-format=ROW
restart: always
- db_data:/var/lib/mysql
- dbnet
- MYSQL_DATABASE=nextcloud
- MYSQL_USER=nextcloud
- MYSQL_PASSWORD=nextcloud
- 3306

2. Run!

In the root of your project, run the following command:

kurtosis run .

OR using github link:

kurtosis run

Behind the scenes, Kurtosis will interpret your Docker Compose setup as a Kurtosis package and convert it into starlark that is executed on an enclave. The output will look like this:

INFO[2024-01-25T13:56:29-05:00] Creating a new enclave for Starlark to run inside...
INFO[2024-01-25T13:56:33-05:00] Enclave 'blue-ravine' created successfully

Container images used in this run:
> nextcloud:apache - remotely downloaded
> mariadb:10.5 - locally built
> redis:alpine - locally cached

> add_service name="db" config=ServiceConfig(image="mariadb:10.5", files={"/var/lib/mysql": Directory(persistent_key="db--volume0")}, cmd=["--transaction-isolation=READ-COMMITTED", "--binlog-format=ROW"], env_vars={"MYSQL_DATABASE": "nextcloud", "MYSQL_PASSWORD": "nextcloud", "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD": "nextcloud", "MYSQL_USER": "nextcloud"})
Service 'db' added with service UUID '7010d01344e34a7c9f061d4fa43e5e0d'

> add_service name="nc" config=ServiceConfig(image="nextcloud:apache", ports={"port0": PortSpec(number=80, transport_protocol="TCP")}, files={"/var/www/html": Directory(persistent_key="nc--volume0")}, env_vars={"MYSQL_DATABASE": "nextcloud", "MYSQL_HOST": "db", "MYSQL_PASSWORD": "nextcloud", "MYSQL_USER": "nextcloud", "REDIS_HOST": "redis"})
Service 'nc' added with service UUID 'c30843ea60b8459c8841565a11be5dde'

> add_service name="redis" config=ServiceConfig(image="redis:alpine", env_vars={})
Service 'redis' added with service UUID '26dceba158004fdcb8d5dba035a6c4dd'

Starlark code successfully run. No output was returned.

Made with Kurtosis -
INFO[2024-01-25T13:56:46-05:00] ====================================================
INFO[2024-01-25T13:56:46-05:00] || Created enclave: blue-ravine ||
INFO[2024-01-25T13:56:46-05:00] ====================================================
Name: blue-ravine
UUID: 04fa7472e566
Creation Time: Thu, 25 Jan 2024 13:56:29 EST

========================================= Files Artifacts =========================================

========================================== User Services ==========================================
UUID Name Ports Status
7010d01344e3 db <none> RUNNING
c30843ea60b8 nc port0: 80/tcp -> RUNNING
26dceba15800 redis <none> RUNNING

Congrats! You now have your Docker Compose setup running in Kurtosis. Run kurtosis web to view your environment in Kurtosis' GUI. Additionally, you can configure the Kurtosis engine to run over Kubernetes and run the same command to get your Docker Compose setup running in a K8s cluster. Check out this guide on how to se tup Kurtosis over K8s!

compose env

Notes on Docker Compose to Kurtosis conversion

  • Named volumes are converted to a Persistent Directory in Kurtosis - a Kurtosis managed directory that persists on services through multiple runs
  • Kurtosis handles creating an isolated network inside an enclave. If the network key specifies custom networks, the config is ignored, potentially altering network behavior in the environment
  • Services names with a _ must be renamed as Kurtosis naming follows RFC-1035 standard
  • Service level env_file key is not yet supported (environment is supported)
  • secret key is not yet supported
  • Forvolumes, absolute path mappings (e.g. /opt/data:/var/lib/mysql) are not supported as Kurtosis packages cannot reference files outside a Kurtosis package. You can move the contents inside the package and convert to a relative path so Kurtosis can access the files
  • Referencing a service's name in a hostname elsewhere in the Docker Compose (e.g. postgres://db:5431) is not supported
  • reservations for cpus and memory are supported, but other container level config such as restart, limits, etc. are not yet supported