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Running Kurtosis in your own Cloud

This guide will help you set up Kurtosis in your own cloud and exposing it using one of your subdomains e.g. kurtosis.<your domain>.com

I. Prerequisites

  1. Public facing gateway (e.g. AWS ALB) supporting the Kurtosis subdomain with certificate. The certificate should support the subdomain name and a wildcard subdomain prefix *.<subdomain> since the service port URLs format is port-service-enclave.<subdomain>. The gateway should terminate TLS.
  2. Host running Ubuntu to install and configure Kurtosis on. The host should be on a private subnet receiving traffic from the Gateway on port 80. Healthchecks should use the /status URL.


II. Kurtosis Installation

We provide an install script setting up Docker, Nginx and Kurtosis. The script takes as arguments your subdomain name, a username and password for HTTP basic authentication.

curl -s | bash -s <subdomain name> <username> <password>